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two important theories on the human brain:

In 1563 Cosimo Medici ruler of Florence , Italy began a foundation to "give distinction to his "artist" friends and absolve them of the obilgations previously imposed on them by their guilds"1.

These friends were painters and sculpotrs. The status of this promotion set them above that of the other crafts.

Garbage Man storie

Homo Aestheticus "Her central thesis is that the arts are universally present in human societies because play and ritual were essential to the adaptation and survival of our species. Utilizing the findings of anthropology and ethology--the study of animal (including human) behavior--she concludes that the arts have allowed us to differentiate the special from the mundane, thus enabling us to cope with unusual or inexplicable occurrences and to gain a communal focus that enhances our ability to flourish and survive"2 "Making art is a biologically innate need as fundamental as the need for food, warmth or shelter, asserts Dissanayake, who teaches at Manhattan's New School for Social Research. Drawing on her years in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea, she gives examples of painting, song, dance and drama as behaviors that enable participants to grasp and reinforce what is important to their cognitive world."3

Hand as precursor to brain.

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