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Faculty and Staff Intros (Louis)

  • New Intros,
  • Alexandria Canchola, is a Texas-based designer and illustrator whose work is often inspired by a fondness for storytelling, color, letterforms, and filmmaking.

She is a hybrid doing both design and her personal art. She has completed residencies at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, Massachusetts. We are glad to have her here.

  • Richard James became enamored with clay immediately upon contact. He comes to us from Helena Montana where he recently finished a residency at The Archie Bray Foundation. He has also had residencies at The Arrowmont School in Tennessee and at Zhen rutang in Jingdezhen, China . He has had four publications in ceramic magazines in the last four years.
  • Degrees (Louis)
  • Gallerys (Laura)
  • Student Art Association (Lars)
  • Graphic Design Group


  • Exit Requirements
    • Slides
    • Statement
    • Show Announcement

  • Studio Art Minor
  • Art History Minor

Scholarships, academic and art (Barbra)

  • reapplication each spring
  • deadline
  • Study abroad program Spain

Graphic Design Student Group (Amanda)

Facility (Louis and Art)

  • Lockers
  • Building hours
    • Weekend Sign in
    • leaving on time
  • Behavior expectations
  • Woodshop
    • Power Tool use approval
    • Hand tools
  • Loading Zone
  • Consideration of Custodial Staff
  • Computer lab CA201?, CCH231?
  • Noise during performances
  • Respect for each other's work

Safety (Louis)

  • Telephones 911 and 4444
  • Campus phones in each room in CA. Red light.
  • Fire Alarms, clearing the building
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Personal Protection,
    • Eye and Face Protection,
    • Dust Protection, HEPA Respirators and dust (organic vapor cartridges)
    • Gloves,
    • Solvents, Solvent Cans, Spontaneous combustion. No spray materials in the building.
    • MSDS Sheets
    • Eyewash fountains
    • Showers
  • Work in pairs with power tools
  • Keep floor free of trip hazards
  • Change from contaminated clothes

Resources (Louis)

Library, Periodicals, Interlibrary loan, Dean of students, Counseling Center, TRIO Tutoring. Health Center.THE FACULTY and staff.

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