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*Art as an "Area of Excellence" at TAMUCC
*Need for the small cohesive atmosphere to remain as we grow
!!!Faculty and Staff Intros (Jack)
*Office Staff, Assistants
*Building Co-ordinator, Assistants
*Shop Co-Ordinator, Assistants
*Custodial Staff
!!!The Degrees (Mark)
*B.F.A. T.C.
*Course Requirement Comparison
**How the degress are perceived by the world at large
**Number of Art hours in each
**Art History Hours
**Foreign Language differences
*Entrance in the B.F.A. and T.C degrees by application (30-48 art hrs.)
**Gradepoint average
**Evidence of student committment
***Faculty must believe it will bring about a successful exhibition
**Interim Critique
***Assignment of senior BFA studio
***Faculty Preview
**Exit Requirements
***Show Announcement
***no exhibition
***scheduling of education courses in a four year program
*Studio Art Minor
*Art History Minor
!!!Scholarships, academic and art (Barbra)
*attendance at orientation meeting
*reapplication each spring

*Study abroad program in Italy
!!!Spring break art history trip (Carey)
!!!Gallery Schedule (Joe)
*Description of galleries, relationship with art museum need to see real art.
*[[ |ArtStudents Listserv]]
!!!Student Organizations (David Phillips)
*Student Art Association
**Art Sales
**Trips, conferences,
**Sponsoring lectures
!!!Graphic Design Student Group (Amanda)
!!! Community Involvement (Greg)
**Art Center
**Entering Shows
**Attending openings
**Visiting Galleries
!!!Facility (Louis and Art)
*Building hours
**Weekend Sign in
**leaving on time
*Behavior expectations
**Power Tool use approval
**Hand tools

*Loading Zone
*Consideration of Custodial Staff
*Computer lab CA201, CCH231
*Noise during performances
*Respect for each other's work
!!!Safety (Louis)
*Telephones 911 and 4444
*Campus phones in each room in CA. Red light.
*Fire Alarms, clearing the building
*Fire Extinguishers
*Personal Protection,
**Eye and Face Protection,
**Dust Protection, HEPA Respirators and dust (organic vapor cartridges)
**Solvents, Solvent Cans, Spontaneous combustion. No spray materials in the building.
**MSDS Sheets
**Eyewash fountains

*Work in pairs with power tools
*Keep floor free of trip hazards
*Change from contaminated clothes

!!!Resources (Louis)
Library, Periodicals, Interlibrary loan,
Dean of students, Counseling Center, TRIO Tutoring.
Health Center.THE FACULTY and staff.
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