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Finding the Sunset between two shades of brown: The irrelavence of quanta in Daily life: I need a beer.

I posted some pictures of pots on the internet today. They are a student's pots. A friend, a ham radio operator saw them and said, " but they are all brown".

Between any two points on a line there are an infinite number of points. That is what we are taught. That is until we learn about quanta. Quanta tell us that things that we taught were analog are really digital. Einstein says that to live a life as if there is not G-d is to not live, at least I think that was his point. I think he would prefer analog amplifiers.

To assume the world to be digital is to assume flatness, a lack of richness. this may be the truth but dwelling on it does us know good. I came to this conclusion at age 10 when I decided that despite the fact that current events predict everything that will happen in the future there is no positive good that will come from dwelling on it. Predicting the outcome of a seemingly chaotic system is a difficult task.

It is the same truth that tells me that words are not reality, that brown is a label , a box to trap us , that hard edged constructs are maya, illusionary figments, designed to digitize the world in to the George Bush polarity, good-bad, us and them, vanilla and chocolate. Yup give me a beer.

It may well be that there are an infinite number of frequencies between 7 and 7.4 megahertz , that waves come in an infinite variety of lengths , but it may be that the very quanta that afflict energy also find their way into waves, colors, texture, flavor and personality. For my life I choose to believe in riches, and the sunset capable of being placed between two ultra-similar shades of brown, red with the richness of oxided iron, and modulated with the varying lights textures, and forms.

Talked with a very old friend about the Talmud today. He knows it, I don't. What we really talked about was philosophy and his belief that what is true in one instance is perhaps not in another, that the world, thought and ideas are incomplete and mixed and that it is our job to reassemble them. I don't know if I buy that it is our job, but his description of truth and the mixed up nature of our models and how they fit reality, meets my beliefs and meshes well. Reminds me about a book about a meeting of Jews and the Dali Lama, and seeming reasons why there are so many Jews that convert to Buddhism, so called JewBhus?. If you called me one, it would describe reality as much as a whole mess of other labels. It would miss the point. Our labels never meet reality, never come close. We are all richer more nuanced individuals than labels, but so are the rocks, the trees, colors light sound and certainly Panang Curry Paste.

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Page last modified on June 22, 2013, at 11:58 PM