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*Exhibition of Ceramics by painters with an overly broad title.



!!!Contemporary collections
[[ |Big Collection of Articles]]

*[[ |WEst Coast Funk]]
*[[ |Frogs and Dogs]]
*[[ |Secret Life of Frogs]]
*[[ |ASU Exhibition]]
*[[ |David Gilhooly Site]]
*[[ |Arneson]]
*[[ |Clayton Bailey]]
*[[ |tony natsoulas]]
*[[ |Fred Marer Collection]]
*[[ |Tony Bennet]]
*[[ |Gary Sheed Lino Alvererz]]
*[[ |Frey]]
* Wrote essay, “Gritty and Un-Housebroken: Origins, Reception, and Dispersion of Funk Ceramics” in Humor, Irony, and Wit: Ceramic Funk from the Sixties and Beyond (2004)

[ John Mason]]
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