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  • Start with lab coat expansion power point
  • Polyoccularism -many viewpoints
  • Linear expansion versus alph beta changes.
  • Linear vs fits and starts.
  • Really the story of conceptual ceramics expansion too.

It’s a story of inversions reversions revisions.

  • It seems that the sculptural community is again accepting clay as an art mediaum.
  • It seems odd that clay started as asculptural medium (see German clay venus)
  • But we tend to see the beginning of clay as a potters world.
  • The twentieth century had a large number of denyers those that saw pots as something other than art. They were and still are a funny bunch.
  • Both Arneson and Deborah Butterfield started out with the ambition to make pots for a living, made retched pots and then moved onto wonderful sculpture. *They renounced the art of pottery, literally and figuratively. Both clearly made statements in the 1980’s that pottery was categorically not art.
  • It is odd, Ca lifornia school artistists, protégés of Volkous would deny that pots are art. Volkous never seemed to do this. He continued using pots as subject matter until his death, but did occasionally venture intro true function with teabowls or platters that he knew would be drawn into function.
  • I find it hard to believe that either Butterfield or Arneson would deny that Vokous’s teabowls were art.
  • Perhaps they belong to the transcendent school of the definers of art, that is that they believe that art must “transcend the ordinary, bring us nearer to the G-dhead” in order to be art and that most pots don’t do that.

But really this is not a talk about this either. It is not a talk about whether one kind of clay is art or not but what is ceramic art.

  • Hank Morrows Kilns
  • Akios Glaze Tests
  • Hiroshi Ikehata's kiln
  • Tile
  • Claymation Baldwin
  • Brick
  • earthworks
  • mines
  • Rock
  • Cement
  • Insulators
  • ceramic capacitors
  • ceramic performance
  • criticism
  • conessuership

Subtext. Everything is subtext. Actors know it, writers know it. Zen Teabowls are all subtext. They are so hard to talk about because there is so little surface text, so are coffee pots, plates, sculptures, kiln, movies, powerpoints. There is rarely heart, emotion,love, value, in the surface.


There is no difference between blue and green power point. The Edge is a distorted concept of reality. Edges do not exist. Word edges do not exist. Defining limiting an art by material is as worthwhile as defining by conceptual categories. In the end, text and subtext interact.

The real question boils down to this,¿ Is this video ceramic art? My answer is clear.

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