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It’s a story of inversions reversions revisions.

But really this is not a talk about this either. It is not a talk about whether one kind of clay is art or not but what is ceramic art.

Subtext. Everything is subtext. Actors know it, writers know it. Zen Teabowls are all subtext. They are so hard to talk about because there is so little surface text, so are coffee pots, plates, sculptures, kiln, movies, powerpoints. There is rarely heart, emotion,love, value, in the surface.


There is no difference between blue and green power point. The Edge is a distorted concept of reality. Edges do not exist. Word edges do not exist. Defining limiting an art by material is as worthwhile as defining by conceptual categories. In the end, text and subtext interact.

The real question boils down to this,¿ Is this video ceramic art? My answer is clear.

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