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The Installation of artistic sculpture, tile, and sound in and on Helena's Lyndale Tunnel by serving as a corridor and destination will revitalize and unify neighborhoods and populations.

The Lyndale Tunnel is a non-motorized link located between two business districts, two well used city parks, the local civic center, an award-winning college, and an historic downtown neighborhood. The tunnel is currently an unadorned canvas. This project of architectural detail, tile, and sound installation by a consortium of well known Helena artists will take this blank canvas and transform it into an enticing vital link between Helena's old Downtown and its new green-space.

The tunnel and buttresses comprise 3200 square feet of plain concrete that will be decorated with brightly colored water jet cut tile with imagery referencing the rich architectural history of the the city of Helena, organic fabric formed concrete caps mimicking Helena's mountainous skyline, and highly detailed extruded panels. The interior of the tunnel will be covered on both sides with tiles depicting a Montana poem. The same poem will be the basis of a motion activated sound sculpture in the tunnel interior. Above each end of the tunnel a lyrically elegant metal sculpture will spring upward before swooping outward and downward, leading the eye from the road level to the tunnel entrances.

The project is designed to help with security in the tunnel. Lighting, a motion detecting sound system, and increased traffic, will transform this tunnel from a well located but little used passage into a vital link and destination.

The artists, Chip Clawson, Nathan Craven, Robert Harrison, Louis Katz and Richard Swanson, have local and international reputations for innovation and site specific work. Word Count 249

What impact do you hope your work will have? (100 words maximum)

Helena, home of the Archie Bray Foundation, is a magnet for ceramic artists world wide. It is also a town of lovers of the ceramic arts. Not only will The Lyndale Tunnel Project weld the sports fields to the cultural center, it will bring visitors and locals together. By linking aspects of the town, it will unify the population.word count 60

Discarded sentences. Use of the tunnel will connect pedestrian areas, and promote the non motorized traffic that is vital for a vibrant urban downtown while improving Helena's carbon footprint. This project will create the critical mass necessary to stimulate the desire and opportunity to transform Montana’s “Most Historical Mile” into a thriving non-motorized corridor. It will reduce Helena’s carbon footprint while promoting intergenerational interactions, increase economic and recreational activity, and promote intellectual and artistic curiosity. This enhanced connection to employment centers, public spaces and services, parks, schools, and cultural opportunities will strengthen the downtown economy and enhance its historic qualities.

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