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!!!Inlay(no space duh) was called MishMa
!!!Inlay(no space duh) was called Mishma
January 31, 2018, at 12:35 AM by Katz - Links about ceramic inlay
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!!!Inlay(no space duh) was called MishMa

*[[|Steven Lee at Ceramic Arts Daily]]
*[[|Korean Contemporary]]
*[[|Korean "Icheon Master Hand: You Yong Chul "]]
*[[|Mishma footage in the center 3:00]]
*[[| at 13 minutes]]
*[[|Robert Yellen eYakimono]]
*[[,d.eXY|Westerville Ohio Assignment??]]
*[[|Eshibit at Smithsonian]]
*[[|Video On evolution of inlay]] Pamela Vandiver
*[[|Samsung Foundation]]
*[[|Met Application]]
*[[|Search the Met without the App]]
*[[|Talk at Met on Samsung exhibition]]

Not Mishma but Korean
*[[|Ongi with old footage]]
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