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Meshlab notes:

  • Selection
    • If you are showing only points and not rendered or plains then all points are visible.
    • Shift-modifies selction by SUBTRACTING
    • Control-modifies selection by adding
    • Alt-only visible triangles are selected
    • Escape-Changes to and from Navigation
    • Paintbrush selection is only visible faces, previous selection is not deleted with paintbrush.
    • Selection Menu Items... make sure to look at them.
    • Cleaning Filters Mr.P Suggests always running them.
      1. Dulpicate Faces
      2. Duplicate Vertices
      3. Zero Area Faces
      4. Unreferenced Vertex (Run last)
      • Self Intersecxting Faces, Non Manifold Edges and Non Manifold Vertices can prevent some filters from working or crash the model.
  • Cleaning Trianges and Vertices Removal
    • Three buttons on the right of the tool bar, remove triangles, remove vertices and trianges, remove vertices (if the vertices have trianges it removes both. You must have the vertices only selected for this one)
  • Navigation
    • Help / Onscreen Quick Help is useful for navigation aids.
    • Shift Drag pans the object or moves it in relation to the track ball.
    • Double click centers on the point and also makes it the center of the track ball.
    • Shift Track Wheel changes FOV field of view.
    • Alt Shift H resets the trackball view.
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Page last modified on January 24, 2022, at 03:11 PM