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  • Mai Thai nope
  • Naviya Thai The menu is OK. The pictures give pause. The papaya in the Som Tom is not pounded. The Tom Yum looks like it is made with Tom Yum mix. Its not on my list. People will like it though.
  • On's This menu looks good. I would like to try this place.
  • Flamin Thai Its not on my list. People will like it though
  • Ginger Hop I like the note of "plenty of Thai Basil" in the pad bai krapow. Usually this dish in the US is anemic with two leaves. Worse is when the oil at the beginning is not hot enough. It needs a real hiss, even a bit smokey. This one is on my maybe list. I am a sucker for Khao Soy. I hope that the restaurant never subs any cow milk for coconut milk. Many restaurants do.
  • Pad Gapow The pictures on this page look just right. The menu looks authentic. They have Miang Kam although they transliterate it a Mieng Kum. The broccoli leaves are not authentic, but will do. Betel leaf is hard to get. This is a favorite at parties at my house. I have been surprised to never see it in US restaurants.
  • Kindee Thai Restuarant This place looks like it could be OK just based on menu items. They do list Kanom Jeen. FYI the name means Good Thai Eats
  • Amazing Thailand I did not like seeing cream listed as an ingredient in the Tom Yam. I found this menu unattractive. I like menus that show that there is a chef with particular likes. This one was large but ordinary.
  • Sawatdee not on my list of places I want to go. I could be missing something though. I generally am only so/so on Thai chain restaurants
  • Khun Nai The menu here looks like a large restaurant menu in Bangkok mostly. I like the mention of Horapa in dishes that might normally be made with Gapow. Even in Bangkok, I generally do not like places with huge menus and favor smaller menued places but this is on my maybe list.
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