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Louis' Movie Suggestion Page

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Just Fun, lots of these movies are full of stereotypes of all flavors but are still good..

  1. Iron Ladies, Thai, Subtitles, Gay Volleyball Team !!!!!
    • This video follows the true story of a great volleyball team in Thailand. Like many things that happen in The Land of Smiles, it is a lot of fun. The sequel is not good.
  2. A Thousand Clowns starring Jason Robarts black and white !!!!!!
    • This used to be my favorite movie. I liked that the main character's personality and that he grew up to take care of his nephew. I found it funny, and sad.
  3. King of Hearts, Subtitles, old war comedy !!!!!
    • I saw this first during the end days of The Vietnam War. It was a great time for the movies commentary on futility.
  4. Ongbak Thai Warrior!!!!
    • I generally no longer watch "bang bang shoot'em up" war movies, movies long on chase scenes etc. But this one, with Tony Jaa is special. He does all of his own stunts.I am not a fan of the sequels.
  5. Tenth Kingdom!!!!
    • Fun fantasy a bit on the silly side. Good if you are ill. There are several parts to it.
  6. An American Pickle, really I do not know what I think of this. I watched it when I was an emotional mess so I was mess.
    • now a few months later, this movie was really quirky. It has some Yiddish in it. It revolves around a bunch of Jewish themes. I want to see it again.
  7. Muay Thai Giant
    • well it is very silly, but the fight scene with the papaya is worth the admission price.


While I am truly a fan of the cinematography of Kurosawa, there are other movies I enjoy more. There are non better to look at.

  • Seven Samurai is the classic The Magnificent Seven is the same plot set in Mexico (different director) 1960's!!! !!! a must
  • Dersu Ursula was my favorite for a while !!! !!!
  • Ugetsu, set around a pottery firing.
  • Anything by Tony Gatlif
    • Latcho Drom is my favorite (Watch in any language, there is almost no dialogue) !!! !!!
      • This movie follows the sounds and dance of the people Rom and the influence of their music on other cultures.
    • Gadjo Dilo, The Crazy Stranger, is another good one. !!!!!
      • The son of an ethnomusicologist looking for a singer, a favorite of his late father's

Sort of like a melding of the setting of Latcho Drom and Koyaanisqatsi.

  • Samsara (2012 or 2011)


This is a movie about an Indian Cricket team triumphing over a British team.

Louis' Thailand

Louis' Art


  1. The Fall
  2. The Maestro: A Symphony of Terror Prof. Somtow Sucharitkul
  3. (TRailer) One for the Road (Thai) Looks good.
  4. RRR

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