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Just Fun, lots of these movies are full of stereotypes of all flavors but are still good..

  1. Iron Ladies, Thai, Subtitles, Gay Volleyball Team
  2. A Thousand Clowns starring Jason Robarts black and white
  3. King of Hearts, Subtitles, old war comedy
  4. Ongbak Thai Warrior
  5. Tenth Kingdom
  6. The Fall


  • Anything by Akira Kurosawa but watch "Composing Movement" on Youtube first.
    • Seven Samurai is the classic The Magnificent Seven is the same plot set in Mexico (different director) 1960's
    • Dersu Ursula was my favorite for a while
    • Ugetsu, set around a pottery firing.
  • Anything by Tony Gatlif
    • Latcho Drom is my favorite (Watch in any language, there is almost no dialogue)
    • Gadjo Dil, The Crazy Stranger, is another good one.
  • Koyaanisqatsi
  • Baraka
  • Samsara (2012 or 2011)
  • Cobra Gypsies This is just interesting.
  • Traditional Thai Pottery Self promotion
  • Foli there is no movement without rhythm

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