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  • Crystalline Glaze in the Stull Map Christina Rhodes Photo Credit Nick Weddell
    • This would be a good video for my students who are interested in crystalline glazes to watch.
  • Creole Clay Patricia Fay
    • It was interesting to see the parallels with Thai Pot making.
  • The Appropriated Teabowl Bonnie Kemske
  • Form Volume Structure Clay Louis Katz
    • I find watching this difficult, there is so much that I hear that is reaction to the audience, but I cannot hear them in the video
  • Glazes Without Borders Matt Katz and Students
    • It was great to see this and the crystalline presentation. The copper study was of particular interest.
  • Politics of Porcelain Stephanie Rozene
  • Fiftieth Anniversary Preview
  • 2018 Roundtable
  • Ceramics for Social Change Milo Berezin, Sharif Bey, Lauren Karle,Michelle Clesse (Moderator)
  • Unspoken Unseen Invisible Jamie Bates Sloan
  • Seeking Ethical Craft Owen Lorean and Daiton Abrams(Spelling unknown)
  • Wild Clay Steven Blankenbeker
  • Clay Stories 2018 Steve Branfman, James Watkins, Kelly Savino, Paul Andrew Wandless, Lisa G. Westheimer, Von Venhuizen, Mark Isssenberg,Kristine Poole,
  • Unpacking, Reframing, Engaging Moderator : Janna Longacre, Jasmine Baetz, Paul Briggs, Sheila Pepe
  • Atypical learners and clayNaomi Lindenfeld introduces Christi Herbert Three handouts on the app.
    • hidden demands on people.
    • why might they be difficult to navigate.
    • What can we do about- accessable and successful
    • Social, Organizational and Procedural demands
      • Studios are social,, when how and who to interact with,, social cues.
      • Aware of impact on others
      • regulating emotions
    • Quiet zones, over emphasis group work. When and how to get help. Spaces for privacy, cooling off etc. Scheduled breaks. Solo spaces, choice in assignments. all on handout.
    • Organizational and procedural demands
    • post conicise written and visual procedures for using equipment. Multiple means to obtain information, signs - handouts - lectures - calendars
      • ------
    • Universl Educational Design


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