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Performance and Time Based Workshop in Visual Art .

This class is in many ways a laundry list of non static, interactive and non gallery/pedestal forms of art that have always existed but were not commodified until the 1960's. It is in many ways an introductory course but designed for the advanced student with a firm ground in their own work, and a solid grasp on static display based work. It is tempting to include the verbage "new media" in the title, but the subject matter is neither new nor media centric. "New media" can be considered both display modes and creative techniques that may be covered however. Assignements will be given, but much of the course work will be on development, consideration and critiques of the students own projects.

Prerequisites: 1. a strong body of work with a central theme. Content must be clear to both the artist and the teacher. 2. a strong competence in use of computers. Basic layout of programs used will be discussed, but software will not be "taught". 3. permission of the instructor. 4. ability to work independently outside of class time. 5. students may find ownership of a computer helpful. A digital camera will be required as will access to a tripod.

Subjects for in class discussion Timebased gallery work. Time based installations, mobiles, interactive work. Gallery installation of video.

Performance, documentation, artifact Issues with multiple needs.

Performance, Happenings. Traditional audience/viewer perfromance and the seemingly distinction from theatre.

Documentation- planning doucments, photographic documents, artifacts

Natural process pieces, Joe Daun, Goldsworthy, Lightning field etc.

Installation issues, site specific issues.

The artist as the art.

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