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As a species we tend to model our thought on the words we use to frame them.

  • Dualism Spectrum Disorder (DSD), we all have it. In order to think, to put thoughts into action and particulaly to put thoughts into words we have to categorize, to quantify, delinieate, and make separate, non discrete or inseparable ideas. In this process we begin to believe in the objective reality of the concepts the words represent; as if red has a definite color that is clearly separated from orange.

The first sign of terminal, dead set, fatal flaw, dualism is denial of dualism or denial of the inherent problems dualistic thought create.

The degree to which we believe and act on our beliefs in a manner based on the idea that words are real is the degree to which we have the phathology of Dualism Spectrum Disorder.

Our nation has many problems and much of the pathology of these problems to my eyes seem tied up in Dualism Spectrum Disorder. Today the problem or perhaps my current description of the broader concerns driving it is the confusion of quantity and quality.

More is not necessarily better. Cheaper is not necessarily better. We are in an economic downturn I am financially constrained, yet I find that my life is better, my mood happier. I believe that this is a result of making more of what I have and having less; less complication, less new instruction manuals, less meaningless detail.

We have in this society a difficulty in telling the difference between quantity and quality. We are always having to discuss, "is more better", and other similar phrases as if these two words quantity and quality were in some way linked. Other words with related confusions are to count, and to be accountable. Or as Einstein is accused of saying roughly, "All things that count, can't be counted".

Currently in education we are held accountable. This means that all things that can be counted are counted and that they count, that the quality of our teaching is measured in discrete countable items. If something can't be measured in units than it is uncountable, in that uncountable area we are unaccountable and unfortunately left with the impression that it does not count.

Unfortunately, perhaps, the things in like that really count cannot be counted, and we are not held accountable for the intended results of education.

  • Quantity and Quality
  • count and accountable, accountants Does that count?
  • value, and values and again accountants.
  • multiple choice determinations of quality.

I have the profound feeling that I am either plagerising Halleck Brennan (deceased) in this page, or at least in some non esp manner channeling his thoughts or thought process. Of course I could be wrong.

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Page last modified on August 06, 2013, at 07:33 PM