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Quality Matters, There is so much in this little cup.

First, what in the world do you mean by quality. Do you mean the dicotomoy "good vs. bad" quality? Do you mean quality as a category like "qualities"? What do you mean?

This pot, well it is clay. The form is generic industrial form. Its designed to be plain. I suppose that plain is a quality, so is its cousin boring. You have acheived these qualities. You did a good job at it, so I suppose it is high quality boring. It merits both kinds of quality in the same sentence.

For me, today, the real question is where these qualities reside. I think that they are not in the cup. I think that quality is something that resides within us, produced by some organ we impose it on the world. That cup is apparently just sitting there. Until I pass judgement, no one knows if it is good or bad. Once I pass judgement does the cup change at all, or are the changes in me, and perhaps you? Quality seems like a figment. You sure cannot hold it, or count it.

The cup has other qualities, I wonder if that decal is fired on or if it is just some durable plastic gloop.The cup has some sort of maker's mark. It reads like it is just the mark of the decal applier.

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Page last modified on February 24, 2022, at 11:37 PM