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High power LED's specs ordered from Sparkfun.

  • PicoBuck? driver By default, each channel is driven at 330mA solder jumper for 660mA
    • It is possible to increase the maximum current of the PicoBuck? board up to 1A per channel; to do so, replace the three current sense resistors with smaller values. To calculate the new value for the resistor, use this formula:
    • ILED = 0.1 / Rset
    • Thus, for a 1A current, you’d want a 0.1Ω resistor. Don’t forget to be wary of current ratings. At 1A, the sense resistor will be dissipating 1/10W, so you probably want a resistor of at least 1/8W rating. The package is a standard 0805. (might be better to piggyback?)

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