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The owner of this page and author is not an expert in safety or online teaching. Use at your own risk.

Spatially Distant Teaching Schemes

I teach in a University Art Program and am chair of the department. We are planning for the possibility of some classes being held Face to Face with social distancing or several different styles of hybrid classes . Our studio classes that have twice the contact hours as lecture classes. They are in many ways like lab classes. We also have traditional lecture classes in Art History. I needed a way to categorize and think about strategies for Spatial Distancing because of COVID-19. Here is a description and short discussion of the strategies for coping with this in individual classes.


Splitting a class between two (or more) rooms. Half of a drawing class will be in one room, half will be in another. The instructor either provide lectures in one room and then the other during a class period or stream to a screen in one room and do it live in another. They will switch rooms each day. My worry about this is that it does not decrease the instructor’s exposure enough.

Round Robin

Round Robin is in some ways very similar to Splitting. In the case being planned in our department the Sculpture class of 15 will be split into three groups. There will be three separate projects using three separate sets of equipment in different spaces, The lab, the woodshop and our outside metals area. Every three weeks or so the students will shift and do a different assignment. Demonstrations and basic instruction will be online.


A few classes may be able to rearrange so that at least some of the classes can be held in one studio facility. Ceramics could stagger tables, move kick wheels perhaps moving a table as far away as into the glaze area.

Home/Classroom (synchronous or recorded)

Coursework would be the same for two groups of students but half the course time would be spent at home. The content in this scenario would be the same for students at home as students in the classroom. Each of two days the class would shift. So half the class works at home say on Mondays, and the other half on Wednesdays.

In Art Studio Classes this could also be done by splitting the 3 hour course section.


Similar to Home/Classroom. Half the class would be home and the other at school. This scenario would be more work. Half of the content would be online so Group A would do assignment 1 at home on Week 1 and Assignment 2 on Week 2 at school and the other group would flip these two assignments. It is also related to Round Robin but with one station at home.

Double Lecture.

Splitting the class and teaching the same material twice.

Online and Lab.

Art Studio Classes could put all demos and critiques online and then have students sign up or lab time.

Fully online


HyFlexHyflex is not really a social distancing strategy because all of the students could show up, but it does allow for the paradigm to shift. The teacher gives lectures that can be accessed online but students can also come and view live. Hyflex is the strategy to prepare for anything.

Class Room Organization

Shower curtains of heavy plastic between spaces.

A restaurant owner in Ohio has in installed plastic curtains between tables. Without data the idea that this would help is only a theory, but it seems a reasonable one. This might be a solution for voice and flute lessons?

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