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Ilooked at my finger by a combination of moon light and a battery alarm clock. My finger was bleeding. It had been pricked bysomething very sharp like needle.

I looked behind my head and it was starring right at me, a grey feild rat. I am pretty calm and deliberate at times and I decided not to alarm Gail, my wife. Gail, get up, something bit me. She says " what was it a mosquito?" At this point I am fed up, what does she think, I would wake her up for a mosquito bite? So I just told her, " no it was a rat" she was up in an instance, "Where is it?" she asks. "Behind your head.": She was up in a flash. we caught the ugly thing in the mosquito net and dropped him in an empty water jar. We were living in Dankwean Thailand and unglazed woodfired water jars, about 15-20 gallons were thier specialty. Our mosquito net now had a hole in it and there was a rat in our water jar. The little fucker could jump too and was banging against the lid. I put a block on top of it.

So I asked Gail before we went back to bed if she wanted a drink. I needed a drink! Probably the only time in my life I poured alchol under stress. Gail said she did not want one so I poured two. She asked who the second one was for just as I stuck my finger in it. It was good whiskey too.

I had won the whiskey at the pottery festival. It had been a setup. Dankwean village was having a pottery festival to coincide with the bus traffic passing through to the elephant roundup in surin. They were hoping to get numerous busses to stop, watch the activites and spend Baht, the local currency.

Anyhow the potters knew I did not drink, or at least thought I didn't. I don't, much. Now and again I have a little bit. Anyhow they thought that if they rigged a contest so that I won some whiskey they would get to drink it. They were a bunch of drunks and I was not about to help them to the grave,,

Anyhow they put me up against a bunch of tourist who had never touched clay before. I did not have a clue for about the first 15 seconds. It was not pretty.The contest was to make the tallest pot with five pounds or so.

Anyhow the mornign after the little fucker bit me.

Start with the sharp pain in finger. Where you are I invented Facebook Birthday The Rat The House Umdang Meeting Suwanee, The Bray, Kurt Chip University of Michigan,Picture of pouring vessels. Lansky roz ross, Asian Art History, Taoism, buddhism, Raku, Teaism hitching to Cinci, Scientologists Washing Dishes at two restaurants.

Choirs, LArry? Wolf Cantata Academy, Harpsichords, Sharey Zedek, Camp Tamarack, Engin School, Art School. Arrival in Kansas City, The Plaza Job, Souper. The asian market Mae Ploy Curry Paste.

Seattle, San Francisco, Street Music Selling Produce, VV Food community, typical male, Back to KC Ferguson, meeting Gail, Death of her mother trip East. roaming for Rhode Island. Normal, Thanksgiving in MT Leaving town the drive to montana, breakdowns, More trouble in Grad School Hallek and Sheila. Agnostic Ignostic, Agnorant, sponsing. sponding. Define your terms. ARS .

Find Harry Davis and insert him in the propoer date. 4th grade scientific determinism, Kevin berger, percentage calculations, probablitlities.fatalism. Discussion of faith in hebrew shcool. declaration of agnosticism.Limits to knowlege, falicy of reality.

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