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Why is it as we seem to approach scientific truth we we seem further away from it? Discovery of the idea "gravity" and its accompanying laws turn out not just to involve new kinds of math but eventually the explaination of gravity warped our concepts of space, particulaly near dense large objects.

As we discover more and more subatomic particles the need for yet more types of them seems needed. We have pluons, muons, protons, and gluons, sooner or latter if the monkeys typing shakespear have anything to do with it we will have louions, and katzions. It seems bound to happen. We seem like Whimpy the pickle family clown who at the beginning of the movie "Popeye" tries to retrieve his hat but keeps kicking it further and further away. The more you pursue it the further it gets away. Perhaps Truth is scared of its shadow.

Perhaps our concept, truth, doe s not exist, or perhaps its an moving target and like the Heisenberg uncertainty princple it changes as or because we try to discover it. Even Einstein implied that truth was a function of time. We want to under stand the banana by cutting it up until its mush.

In the end, even without Heisenburg screwing yet something else up it seems that to explain the universe it will take a storage device larger than the universe and certainly larger than our puny cranial capacity. Perhaps knowlege of this predicament is at the heart of Taoism but how can one be sure unless we wait for the monkeys to type the answer?

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