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Radio: EchoIRLP3567

วิสกี้ ซีโร่ อินเดีย แทงโก้

Node is using running EchoIRLP on a PiRLP

  1. 2018-07-03 Reinstalled the node with a new IRLP board. Something happened to the old one and it was not taking tones. I do not have Echolink working yet. The board is now on a commercial power supply with UPS. I also installed new ethernet cable and a new switch. It looks like the board went south sometime around Hurricane Harvey. The antennas were grounded and the power supplies unplugged, but it could have happened just before or after. My memory is vague about that. After the storm it sort of worked, but it would not accept DTMF properly. The problem could also have been a cable problem as I resoldered a couple of wires in the process of getting the new board up and running and checking everything out.
  2. August 2015 Surplus power supply is changed.
  3. August 2014 PiRLP? is running with Echolink.
  4. Sept. 13, 2008 Got the IRLP node working today. Some trouble taking tones. Other than that just a little noise.
  5. Oct .4 Got GE MVS wired and running. Funny it does not take tones if its audio volume is low but works just fine if the volume is up. The node is down, I did something wrong getting the ID on the node and am redoing it.
  6. October 7. Could not get it to read a floppy. Probably formatted wrong. It was FAT . I will look it up. I could not find my thumb drive either. Plugged it in but could not find it in the directory anywhere. Need to learn more.
  7. October 9. Talked with W2PUT? last night. node is working flawlessly other than not being able to turn down the volume on the node radio. This prevents me from using the node in my shack. I will have to modify the rig and put a rheostat on the speaker.
  8. Found a script that says it will install a cw identifier on my node. I should run it tonight. But I need a node backup first. If that does not work I will try to get a local Linux user to help.
  9. OK ID is working talked to aa8rk today on the WB8NXP? link.
  10. October 31 Antenna is now at 10 ft. Echolink works.Still have to fix the Connect message must be encoded at the wrong bit rate.

Part 97

By this FCC definition this simplex link when active is a repeater unless connected to the echo reflector or to another repeater on the same frequency.


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