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  • Louis is no longer messing with these even on paper. It is not that they cannot be used safely, just that they will not be used safely and they will get into the environment.
  • Potassium Dichromate "In 2005–06, potassium dichromate was the 11th-most-prevalent allergen in patch tests (4.8%).[9] Potassium dichromate is one of the most common causes of chromium dermatitis;[10] chromium is highly likely to induce sensitization leading to dermatitis, especially of the hand and fore-arms, which is chronic and difficult to treat. Toxicological studies have further illustrated its highly toxic nature. With rabbits and rodents, concentrations as low as 14 mg/kg have shown a 50% fatality rate amongst test groups. [11] Aquatic organisms are especially vulnerable if exposed, and hence responsible disposal according local environmental regulations is advised. As with other CrVI compounds, potassium dichromate is carcinogenic and should be handled with gloves and appropriate health and safety protection. The compound is also corrosive and exposure may produce severe eye damage or blindness.[12] Human exposure further encompasses impaired fertility, heritable genetic damage and harm to unborn children." - 2016-04-24
  • Nickel "Nickel salts are carcinogenic." 2016-04-24
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