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Soluble: SaltS

Soluble Salts and data useful to ceramists.

A good site on this by one of my students: James Alex Ferrante Soluble Salt Resource

I am not a safety expert, or a chemist.


This site is intended as a resource for using solubles to affect the surface appearance of clay.

Normally in glazes and surfaces clayers shy away from highly soluble materials. This is because the solubility creates problems including:

This site is going to try and deal with each of these materials separately and discuss glaze and surface possibilities, and what I think I know about these materials safety, disposal, and reaction issues. In no way should anyone assume that I have any expertise in safety or chemistry and there may be places where the lack of information creates the possibility of a hazard. The material even if correct is certainly not complete.

AlkaliMetals sodium and potassium general considerations.

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