Daily Archives: August 29, 2013

Burnt Coffee

So, my second daily pot of coffee… I was brewing with the radio on.
Distracted. Boiled over.
Burnt coffee smell of my father melting the percolator.. but without burnt bakelite handle.
I opened the front door… 10 years old. Dad at work. It stunk but was not smoke so I went in.
Aluminum slag. Time for a new coffee pot.
Turned the burner off.
Smart kid.
Nother day.
Came home from school.
Opened front door. Smelled smoke.
Went next door to Sheri’s house.
“Mrs Simons, could I use your phone? ”
Dialed zero. “Operator give me the fire department.”
They came, no smoke.
“So, you decided to see the fire trucks little boy?”
Mother, Fern Katz , pulls up next to the fire truck.
“My son said there was smoke, so there was. Go find it.”
Mom gets extra credit and gold star.
Lint in the dryer caught fire and went out.
No one asked me how much smoke.
The coffee is good. Time to clean the stove top.