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ส้มตำมะละกอSom Tum Malakoh

  • 3-4 cups completely unripe green papaya Julienned fineมะละกอดิบสับขิ้นฝอยๆ Can be made with carrot (see below)
  • 1/2 cup  dried shrimp (coarse)ก้งแห้งป่น pounded
  • 8-10 cloves garlicกลีบกระเทียม
  • 4-5 small chillies pequinsพริกขี้หนูสด You can use poblano or other strong flavor peppers. Sweet peppers do not work. They do not need to be spicy.
  • 4-5 black peppercorns or green if availableผริกไทย These could be left out if your stomach is sensitive.
  • 1-2 dried chilliพริกแห้ง
  • 2T Fish sauce, jaggery lime juice and tamarind pod water if available.น้ำตาลปีบ น้ำปลา น้ำมะขามเปียก Fish paste is the premiere ingredient for this but it is aroma-non-grata in my house.
  • 1t Shrimp pasteกะปิ
  • 2T fresh roasted peanutsถั่วลิสงเผา
  • 2-6 cherry tomatosมะเขือเทศเล็กเล็ก

This recipe is about balance. If something is too powerful add something else.
Julienne the peeled papaya with a sharp knife and a coarse vegetable peeler. Julienned , spiralized or even coursely grated carrot can be substituted. Carrot either should be pounded very lightly or not pounded at all.
In a Danwkean Mortar pound the peppers garlic, shrimp paste  adding the peanuts last and pound the peanuts  lightly. You can also use mortars from Ubon and Nongkhai. But Dankwian Mortars are the best.
Add papaya and pound each small batch until partially translucent.

Serve with grilled chicken and sticky rice.


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